Touchpoint technology solutions allow you, the customer, to access and share information with anyone, from anywhere, without having to change the way you do business. With confidence you know that the responsibilities entrusted with us are being executed in a timely and accurate manner.

Our state of the art Warehouse Management System provides you with all of the features you expect from a top tier inventory control package, including serial number control, lot control, tracking and expiration date control. All warehousing transactions are radio frequency driven and inventory data is real time. In addition, the combination of work methods continually refined through Six Sigma quality processes, and RF driven warehousing transactions allows us to offer our clients 99.9% + accuracy. Warehouse Management System (WMS) features:
Comprehensive, secure web visibility into inventory, order and transportation status
Customized inventory, sales and transportation reporting. View your data when you want it in the format you choose
FIFO/LIFO/lot code rotation of inventory
Complete support of kitting and assembly operations

Our message translation middleware turns the once complicated methods of exchanging information between computer platforms into a seamless exchange of electronic data. All of the supply chain data we track on your behalf complies with your standards and systems as well as the standards of any of the partners you trade information with. Our middleware introduces a standard interface and integration methodology that streamlines the flow of data throughout your supply chain. Middleware features:
Reduction of time and expense of integration
Platforms supported include EDI, EDIFACT, EDINT, UCCNET, flat files, WMS adapters, VAN and ftp connections. Transport data and business documents via any these means.
Integrated business process management
Web collaboration and visibility

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